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Wheelchair Rain Covers as Cool as They are Dry

Wheelchair Rain Covers

Sitting in wet clothes is no fun at all. Wearing wheelchair rain covers that don’t suit you is only marginally better, but thankfully, fashion designers have created some wheelchair covers that actually look good on people. Now you can stay dry and feel good too!

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So before the next downpour strikes, let’s review the choices available whether you opt for a colourful poncho style, a cape or apron style or a wheelchair cosy. There’s something for every wheelchair or scooter too!

Choosing the right wheelchair rain covers?  

  • First, think of what you’ll use it for. A keen angler might need something heavier duty than someone just moving between a car and the office. Also, is it a breezy cover for warm summer storms, or something insulated for freezing winter gales?
  • You should also consider which design is easiest for you to put on independently and move around in.
  • The level of waterproofing you need is important. As we’ll see, there’s a big difference between ‘showerproof’ and ‘waterproof’.
  • The size of your medical or mobility equipment and the area you need to cover is something to factor in too.
  • Last but definitely not least, you should consider your personal style.    

Wheelchair covers can be lined for warmth  

In winter months, a layer of lining can help to keep you warm as well as dry. But don’t forget about Spring and Summer showers where it might be hot and wet. Ultimately, having a cover for every eventuality is probably the best solution.  

To start off with, why not get one for your immediate needs? If it’s warm now, try a lighter, unlined wheelchair cover. You can always buy extra items later on. And when it’s time to get a winter cover, you might want to use it in combination with wheelchair gloves for warmth and to protect your hands.        

What wheelchair rain cover design are you looking for?   

There are cape-style wheelchair covers called ponchos. These protect a large area. Alternatively, you can get waterproof covers for particular areas of your body, such as your legs. You can also choose aspects of the design such as whether or not there is a zip and, if so, where it is positioned.

These design factors will determine how easy it is for you to put on your cover, and how freely you are able to move about in it. Try to choose one that allows you as much ease of movement as possible.  

How waterproof is the wheelchair cover, really?

There is a big, wet difference between clothes that are waterproof and those that are showerproof.

Both showerproof and waterproof wheelchair covers will be made out of waterproof material. Yet the assembly of the seams will dictate whether they are completely waterproof or just suitable for use in light showers. You wouldn’t want to face a serious downpour in something just showerproof. For a fully waterproof wheelchair cover, make sure any seams are sealed with special tape that seals the stitched holes. That should keep you cosy and dry inside. This is especially important for people who have to travel long distances outside, or who have electronic equipment that must avoid getting wet.  

Which wheelchair rain cover fits your mobility equipment?  

Think about the mobility aids that you use. Do you push them yourself, as with a self-propelled manual wheelchair? If so, you need to consider how to keep your arms dry. A wheelchair cover or personal garment that has sleeves is ideal.  

Yet, maybe someone else pushes your manual wheelchair. Or perhaps you use an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. For both situations, a cape or poncho style waterproof cover might be better. It can keep your entire body – or just your upper body, depending on the style – covered and safe from the rain. It is also possible for power chair users to get covers that keep their hand as well as the hand controls dry.  

Wheelchair covers to suit all kinds of styles  

Increasingly, disability related products are becoming available in trendy styles that shake off the grey. If you like bright colours or bold designs, have a look around at the fashions available so that you buy an item that you feel proud to wear. In fact, design students at Brunel University in London created some incredibly stylish waterproof wheelchair accessories that can be used for very practical purposes.

For more fashion pointers, check out our article ‘How Adaptive Clothing Changed Everything For Me’.

Never seen how a wheelchair rain cover works?  

Check out this video of Shauna Bryner putting a Punchy Poncho on her son in his wheelchair.

She said, “I’ve gotten lots of questions about how to put these ponchos on! It can be quite confusing with all of the snaps, but it is actually fairly simple once you see how it is done.”  

Once you see how snug he is, you might well take the leap and purchase one yourself!

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