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sport wheelchair

How will your sports wheelchair support health & well-being?

What is a sports wheelchair? A sports wheelchair is a self-propelled wheelchair, much like its everyday use relative, but with some specific differences. In the past they tended to be non-folding in order to be stronger and better balanced during tight turns and impacts, but they are now often made of light-weight, aero-grade materials which […]

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grab bars

How to choose the best grab bars?

More than meets the eye – somehow that feels like the best way to start this little journey into the world of grab bars. Indeed, few things appear as simple and as humble, and yet manage to provide such a broad array of options which can provide new levels of quality to one’s life. As […]

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prime care

Disabled care – how to help others help you

Disabled care may seem both daunting and straightforward. Quite paradoxically, it often is. In this short guide, we’ll discuss ways to bias this process towards ‘straightforward’, easy and safe. For everyone involved. Before we dive in the details, one important – even crucial – thing to understand is that, while caring for a person with […]

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wheelchair accessible cars

Wheelchair accessible cars, the best chairs & finding the right match

For most people living with a disability, wheelchair accessible cars are crucially important when seeking independence. Not only does having a wheelchair accessible car make everyday tasks more convenient, it can also be a central tool to overcoming barriers to accessibility; much like how your wheelchair in that respect. The need for a wheelchair accessible […]

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