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Thinking about Inclusion

“Inclusion isn’t a word that is commonly used by the general community. However, the word is used quite commonly by people that are fighting for themselves or others for the very right… to be Included” I have never really known anything else but to be included and accepted in my various communities throughout my life. […]

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About Inclusion
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Aged Care And Day Care. A Perfect Match?

What do 4-year-olds and 80-year-olds have in common? Considerably more than you might think, including (but not limited to) painting, dancing, reading, walking, singing, cooking and story-telling! These are just some of the potential activities incorporated into intergenerational care programs, in which Aged Care and Day Care are combined, and the residents/attendees of each group intermingle […]

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Life After A Spinal Cord Injury Is Different, But It Goes On – By Lindsay Nott

During rehabilitation I took part in weekly gym sports activities –  different things ranging from 10-pin bowling, rugby, and going to the movies. Not only did I do physiotherapy and got my body moving, but I also wanted to become more independent. I remember when I wanted to go snow skiing six months after my discharge, my physiotherapist was […]

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How a power wheelchair can support your child’s independence and wellbeing

Anyone with children could tell you that children want to be independent, explore and be with their friends.  Independence and mobility are important for a child’s cognitive and psychological wellbeing. For some children with disabilities, power wheelchairs are the only way to achieve mobility. A wheelchair can open up their participation in school, social life […]

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