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Travelling in a wheelchair can have its challenges.

If you are a wheelchair user, you may ask yourself, “How can I find accessible lodgings?” “What cities are easy to navigate?” Or, “What if something happens to my wheelchair while I am travelling?” 

Applying the information in these articles can make your trip go a lot smoother. Be prepared and able to enjoy your holiday by reading ahead on topics such as:

  • Disabled accommodations on cruises and while flying
  • How to choose an accessible caravan, cottage, or hotel room
  • What types of equipment to bring, and the benefits of travel insurance
  • How to get around once at your destination by using wheelchair accessible transportation

Some of the tips you will learn are:

  • Going on a cruise can be an excellent choice for an accessible holiday.
  • When flying, assistance should be provided both at the airport as well as on the aircraft, at no additional charge.
  • When you purchase travel insurance, make sure it covers things like loss of medication. If not, you should be able to add on extra coverage for disability-specific needs.
  • has an excellent searchable database of adapted caravans and static homes you can consider for use on your next trip.

You can also find the best free guide to European travel here in our ebook, A Guide To Wheelchair Accessible Europe.

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How to get around London in a wheelchair

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The top 5 ways to adapt your vehicle for a wheelchair user

Many people believe that adapting their cars for wheelchair users will be an expensive and time consuming process, but this isn’t always true! With the right equipment and advice, adapting your vehicle for a wheelchair user can be a relatively simple process, with the amazing reward of having a fully inclusive vehicle at the end […]

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Finding wheelchair services and support in your area

Whether you’re looking to buy a new wheelchair, or need support fixing or upgrading your current one, knowing where to look for wheelchair services and support in your area is really important. Keep reading below for some hints and tips that we hope you find helpful. Do your research New and brilliant wheelchair designs and […]

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Different attitudes to disability around the world.

If you’ve ever travelled around the world in a wheelchair or with any other form of disability, like I have, then you’ll have no doubt been faced with numerous complications along the way – as attitudes towards disability differ massively. Just when you thought that everything would be perfectly fine within a western cultural setting […]

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Top 5 problems when travelling with a wheelchair

Some of the issues that can arise for a disabled traveller, are much like the same issues that might occur in day-to-day life. Problems with accessibility, attitudes towards disability, plane travel and more. Seeing as that I myself am a travel-loving wheelchair user, I’ll mostly be portraying these points with a personal twist – speaking […]

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Changing perception of disability equipment

For many people, disability equipment provides a means of independence and freedom.  Whether this is the ability to get out independently in a wheelchair  or complete a treasured  or necessary task within the home, having the right aids can be enabling and empowering. However, the term disability equipment may bring with it negative connotations.  Images […]

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Top Five Most Accessible Destinations

Heading out into the world as a wheelchair user on your travels can be quite a scary process and leave you with many unanswered questions, such as; “how will I book an accessible hotel room?” and “how can I know for sure if the country I’m heading to is wheelchair accessible?”. So to help you […]

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5 Accessible Reasons why you should visit Glasgow

Glasgow is an up and coming cosmopolitan city – which was once heralded at being ‘the second city of the British Empire’. But what is it like when it comes to accessibility? Here’s seven things that you can do in Glasgow that’ll leave you free of any access concerns! 1-  People’s Palace and Winter Gardens […]

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