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to live your life to the fullest with limited mobility


Having to use a wheelchair may have changed your life, but it certainly didn’t end it.

As a wheelchair user, there are plenty of things you can continue to do and enjoy. But you may wonder, “Am I ready to spend a day home alone?” Or “What are some fun activities I can do in a wheelchair?” Or even, “Now that I’m in a wheelchair, what clothes should I wear?”

This series of articles gives great tips and everyday advice on lifestyle issues such as:

  • Fun activities to do from your wheelchair with your family and friends
  • How to grocery shop or perform other activities of daily living from your chair
  • Choosing clothing and accessories that are suitable for life in a wheelchair
  • Developing your relationships with your spouse, children, friends, or dating partner

You will also get tips such as:

  • To minimize spills and keep your hands free, you can buy cup holders that attach to you caster wheels.
  • To determine if you are ready to spend a day home alone, do a test run while someone is still in the house.
  • When you go to the grocery store, choose a time when it will be less crowded.
  • Wheelchair users should typically avoid long clothing items, such as scarves, that can get caught in your wheels.

And if you are looking for events to attend, check out the Invacare “events” page on our main site!

Getting Out There Again as a Wheelchair User

After recently spending some time in the hospital supporting new patients, a common question was about ‘attending events and functions with mates and family’ and whether it was possible. The answer is yes, you can! Booking these events are a little different, more detailed and time-consuming. The reality is you need prior preparation. Preparation and […]

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About Inclusion

Thinking about Inclusion

“Inclusion isn’t a word that is commonly used by the general community. However, the word is used quite commonly by people that are fighting for themselves or others for the very right… to be Included” I have never really known anything else but to be included and accepted in my various communities throughout my life. […]

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Aged Care And Day Care. A Perfect Match?

What do 4-year-olds and 80-year-olds have in common? Considerably more than you might think, including (but not limited to) painting, dancing, reading, walking, singing, cooking and story-telling! These are just some of the potential activities incorporated into intergenerational care programs, in which Aged Care and Day Care are combined, and the residents/attendees of each group intermingle […]

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5 TV shows with real inclusivity of disabled characters

TV tends to underestimate people with disabilities. All too often, inclusivity means people with disabilities are represented by characters that are rather one-dimensional: either desperately tragic, implausibly heroic, or miraculously ‘recovered’. This means that it’s particularly delightful to come across characters that defy these worn stereotypes that rob characters with disabilities of human complexity. Embed […]

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