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to live your life to the fullest with limited mobility


Having to use a wheelchair may have changed your life, but it certainly didn’t end it.

As a wheelchair user, there are plenty of things you can continue to do and enjoy. But you may wonder, “Am I ready to spend a day home alone?” Or “What are some fun activities I can do in a wheelchair?” Or even, “Now that I’m in a wheelchair, what clothes should I wear?”

This series of articles gives great tips and everyday advice on lifestyle issues such as:

  • Fun activities to do from your wheelchair with your family and friends
  • How to grocery shop or perform other activities of daily living from your chair
  • Choosing clothing and accessories that are suitable for life in a wheelchair
  • Developing your relationships with your spouse, children, friends, or dating partner

You will also get tips such as:

  • To minimize spills and keep your hands free, you can buy cup holders that attach to you caster wheels.
  • To determine if you are ready to spend a day home alone, do a test run while someone is still in the house.
  • When you go to the grocery store, choose a time when it will be less crowded.
  • Wheelchair users should typically avoid long clothing items, such as scarves, that can get caught in your wheels.

And if you are looking for events to attend, check out the Invacare “events” page on our main site!

Feee wheelchair

Free Wheelchair Mission: Mayra’s Story

Mayra Eliza Gomez is a 36-year-old Guatemalan. She had an accident and has been a wheelchair user for the last 16 years. An estimated 170,000 Guatemalans live with a disability and need a wheelchair but are unable to obtain one on their own. Without mobility, these individuals often depend on someone to carry them or […]

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FWM: Tam's Story

Free Wheelchair Mission: Tam’s story

Tam is a motivated 19-year-old who is always eager to learn She always has been, ever since she was a little girl. Yet, due to her physical disability caused by cerebral palsy, some people have incorrectly assumed that she had a learning disability. As a child, Tam was unable to walk, stand, or feed herself. […]

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invacare partnership

Free Wheelchair Mission: Moses’ story

Waganda Moses is eighteen years old. He’s the second oldest of eighteen children from a poor family who live in Iganga, a town two hours outside of Uganda’s capital, Kampala. When he was born, he was perfectly healthy; however, at age two, he contracted malaria. He was rushed to hospital where doctors administered an injection. […]

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working with special needs children

A Guide to Working With Special Needs Children: What You Need to Know

So, you’re considering working with special needs children, or maybe you do and you’re simply looking to enhance your skills and confidence.   Either way, this guide is for you. Children with additional requirements should be entitled to the same amount of care, support and learning opportunities as their non-disabled peers, but working with special needs […]

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healthy active lifestyle

Top 5 tips for a healthy, active lifestyle

A healthy active lifestyle and mentally healthy are two separate things, but both equally important.   Whilst physical health generally depends on two main things: a reasonable amount of active movement and a balanced, well-considered diet, feeling mentally healthy requires one to be in tune with their body, mind and soul, and take steps to figure […]

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