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Do you use a wheelchair, but aren’t quite sure what your rights are regarding jobs, education, and accommodations?

It’s important to know what is legally required or available. You may wonder, “How do I find a job I can do in a wheelchair?” Or “What are some interview tips for someone in a wheelchair?”

Reading these articles will give you a good overview of:

  • Your rights as a person with a disability.
  • Disability accommodations in your country
  • Information on the Disability Living Allowance
  • Jobs and careers that are best suited for wheelchair users

You will also learn specific tips, such as:

  • You’re not required to answer anything about your disability that makes you feel uncomfortable, but answering appropriate questions may help a potential employer make reasonable adjustments.
  • Before going to a job interview, check out the accessibility of the building or work environment.
  • There are many work-at-home jobs that provide extra flexibility if you need it.
  • With the right supports, almost any office job can be done by a person in a wheelchair.

For more information, download our free guide, Paving The Way To Greatness: All You Need To Know About Disability And Employment.

caring for a disabled child

Caring for a disabled child – what are my rights?

Parents caring for a disabled child can often find it challenging to establish rights equal to individuals caring for dependents of other ages.   This could be down to a perception of the parent being duty bound to manage their child’s care need regardless of the consequences on their own health, an apathy within law/legislative […]

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disability in the media

Disability in the media, the highs and lows

Those of us with disabilities are often overlooked in the media.  We are under represented on talent shows, in newspapers and even in politics, leading to a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding disability in society. But disability in the media can be both positive and negative and lead to highs and lows for us […]

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disability on my CV

Should I disclose my disability on my CV?

Applying for a new job is daunting enough st the best of times, but applying for a new job when you’re an individual with a disability can often take things to a whole new level. Sure, there are several anti-discrimination acts in place all around Europe to help minorities such as those with a disability […]

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University life as a wheelchair user

Preparing for University life as a wheelchair user

Attending University can be stressful and scary at the best of times, never mind when you’re doing so as a wheelchair user or as a person with any form of disability. Of course, the excitement surrounding attending University is also rife, but there’s so many things you need to consider for this next chapter of […]

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disability in social media

Should you mention your disability in your social media profile?

When it comes to letting people know about your disability, especially through the medium of social media, it can be a very daunting prospect. As we’re all too painfully aware at times, once someone achieves the anonymity afforded to us from behind a keyboard – the resulting comments and behaviour can be unlike anything we’d […]

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Returning to School

What to do When Returning to School After an SCI

Are you getting upbeat about your child’s school resumption? No doubt, there will be significant changes in the accustomed routine when returning to school after a spinal cord injury (SCI).   However, keeping some considerations in mind and taking some actionable steps can help make the transition easier. General Accessibility Give full consideration to the […]

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Disability and Self-employment

Disability & Self-Employment: the Highs and Lows

For some disabled people, the idea of going into an office from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, might not suit their capabilities or even their character.   Fortunately, there’s been a real rise in self-employment across Europe, with many disabled people setting up their own businesses, training other workers in disability awareness, creating innovative […]

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