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Adapted Sports

Adapted sports are a great way for wheelchair users to get exercise while meeting new people and making new friends.

If you use a wheelchair, you might be wondering, “Is participating in wheelchair sports a good option for me?” Maybe you aren’t familiar with all the different options available and you wonder, “What types of sports can you do in a wheelchair?” Or maybe you are interested in a sport but are wondering, “How can I find the nearest adaptive sports team?”

Reading these articles will give you an overview on:

  • Types of adaptive sports, such as archery, skiing, football, basketball, swimming, and much more
  • Rules and regulations of adaptive games
  • The health benefits of different kinds of sports
  • How competitive each sport is, where it has teams, and if it is part of the Paralympics

Some of the things you will learn about adapted sports are:

  • Wheelchair racing is done using a special racing chair.
  • Adaptive swimming is one of the few sports that doesn’t require any special equipment.
  • Adaptive skiing events include Downhill skiing, Super-G, Slalom, and Giant slalom.
  • Powerchair football is one of the most inclusive sports, since it can be played by people of all physical ability.

You can also find information on playing sports and staying fit in our free ebook, Sport on Four Wheels Rather Than Two Legs: A Guide To Staying Fit As a Wheelchair User.

chair exercise cardio

The top 5 chair cardio exercises you can do from your chair

Exercising is important for all of us.  It keeps us fit and healthy whilst clearing our minds and setting us up for the day, or relaxing us in time for bed.  There are many benefits to adding exercise to your routine, including: 1. Increasing your endurance Helping with muscle or joint pains Building muscle, and […]

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physical disabilities

Overcoming physical disabilities in sport

Physical disabilities can often be perceived as a barrier in engagement of many daily tasks but particularly in leisure or sporting activity. As society becomes more familiar with meeting disability needs the adaptations or compensatory approaches adopted to empower independent engagement in day-to-day tasks have become standard or normalised rather than specialist. Adaptations such as […]

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Keeping wheelchair fit: 5 Core exercises to do in your chair

It’s sad but true: many people think that those of us in wheelchairs can’t, and don’t want to do any exercise, keep fit or continue to take care of our appearance.   This is simply untrue. Really, we are still able to do all of those things, but they might be a little tougher, take […]

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Health & well-being benefits of exercise for disabled.

When considering the advantages of exercise for the disabled population it is important to acknowledge that the benefits can be experienced by everyone, whether there is a perceived disability or not. Benefits of exercise Exercise is defined generally as any activity outside of the normal daily routine, with the purpose of improving overall health & […]

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disabled gardening

Wheelchair gardening, get started today

If you use a wheelchair, the idea of disabled gardening might not have crossed your mind.  But let me tell you, it’s more than possible, and loads of fun, too! If you have a garden, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating a friendly and welcoming space for your whole family to enjoy, that you […]

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disability sports

How to get into Disability Sports.

Sport is an essential part of any active and healthy lifestyle. It’s essential to strike a balance between work, play and exercise, in order to maintain overall good health. Diet is also a key factor, but for the purposes of this article we’ll be focusing mainly on sport and more specifically, how to get into […]

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wheelchair boxing

Wheelchair Boxing: Will It Be The Next Paralympic Sport?

To many people, wheelchair boxing does not seem like it would be the best sport to adapt for someone with a disability. Up until now, not many athletes have tried it. But a group named The Adaptive Boxing Organization (ABO) wants to help wheelchair boxing gain popularity. Their goal is to bring wheelchair boxing all […]

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Izzy Weall 14 year old quadruple amputee and motorsport hopeful

Izzy Weall: 14 year old quadruple amputee and motorsport hopeful

Most teenagers will have their first try behind the wheel of a car in their first driving lesson at 17 or 18. However, Izzy Weall, from Derby in the United Kingdom is working towards motor racing at Silverstone at just 14 years old with all-disabled race team Team BRIT. However, Izzy Weall isn’t the average […]

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Champion wheelchair racer: Hannah Cockroft

Scooping two sportswoman of the year awards – including becoming the first para athlete to win SJA Sportswoman of the Year – the 25 year old from Halifax has gone from strength to strength. Here, we’ll tell you Hannah’s story, and run you through her 2017 highlights. Early Years Hannah Cockroft was born in Halifax […]

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wheelchair yoga poses

Top Three Wheelchair Yoga Poses

Keeping fit with exercise is not always as high as it should be on many people’s list of priorities, and it can be even tougher to keep toned if you have a disability, especially if you struggle to move quickly and often in a state that will get your heart pumping and make you breathless. […]

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