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Accessible Home

Making sure your home is accessible is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a wheelchair user.  

An accessible home allows for independence and is better for your overall mental and physical health. You may be wondering, “How do I adapt my bathroom to be wheelchair accessible?” Or, “How should I arrange my kitchen for cooking in a wheelchair?”

These accessible home articles will give you more information on topics like:

  • Home improvement grants that can help with home modifications
  • Bathing aids for the bathroom and shower
  • Harnesses, lifts, and other equipment that can help with mobility in the home
  • How to make temporary adaptations when in someone else’s home, or on holiday

You’ll find helpful tips, such as:

  • When choosing your disabled shower option, you should also think about your physical abilities long-term.
  • Platform lifts are utilised where the built environment cannot accommodate a ramp of 1:20 due to space constraints or the user does not have the strength to independently use a ramp.
  • Ask advice from an expert, such as an Occupational Therapist, when designing your home.
  • There are plenty of solutions for the bathroom that don’t require remodeling, such as bath seats, grab bars, and adjustable shower heads.

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Platform Lifts

A Guide to Platform Lifts

A platform lift is a mechanical structure which provides users with access to 2 or more floors. They can be used in residential and commercial buildings and are used to make spaces accessible to wheelchair users or those with impaired mobility. Most platform lifts have an ‘L’ shaped platform, which moves vertically through an enclosed […]

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orthopedic mattress

What’s better than an Orthopaedic mattress

The term orthopaedic mattress is used a lot in the market but do we actually understand what that means so that we can make sure we are not being influenced to buy something relatively standard at a higher cost? An orthopaedic mattress, as the names suggests is designed specifically to support the joints, back and […]

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portable wheelchair ramp

Portable Wheelchair Ramp: your questions answered

Shops, schools, nightclubs: so many venues and institutions are inaccessible to those of us in wheelchairs who need to use ramps.   But what are the benefits of owning a portable ramp yourself? If you have questions surrounding this, please read on; they will hopefully be answered!       Portable: what it says on […]

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stand aid

Need a stand aid, what are the options?

What actually is a stand aid? Stand aids come in different forms, namely mechanised and non-mechanised. Non-mechanised stand aids require a person to be able to pull themselves up into a standing position. The stand aid provides no mechanical assistance with the transfer but offers leverage and negates the need to physically turn (whether 90 […]

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profiling beds

The role of profiling beds in supporting independence

Independence getting in and out of bed provides control over your daily routine, toileting, access to food or drink, or ability to act in the event of discomfort or emergency.   Equally, being able to reposition yourself within bed is important for comfort, skin care, reaching things and managing many health conditions.  Selecting the correct […]

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mobility bed

Functions of a mobility bed and who they can benefit

Historically in the UK a mobility bed, or profiling/hospital/nursing bed as they are often know, would be seen in a care environment, residential/nursing care or within a hospital.   However, with the change in health and social care agenda for management of complex needs within the home environment it has become far more common place […]

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Hoists and slings

Hoists and slings – what is on the market?

A device used to move a patient from place to place is important. Therefore, when choosing a hoist and sling it is important to be aware of what is available and the factors you need to take into consideration before making your selection. Hoists There are several different types of hoists all designed for people […]

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Invacare Matrx

Invacare Matrx: Using A High Resilient Foam

Invacare Matrx products use a High Resilient foam that is constructed using a premium, open cell, flexible polyurethane foam structure. It also includes additives that do things like reduce the flammability of the cushion, stabilize the foam’s cell structure, and regulate the density. Foams are made up of tiny cells known as “struts” and “windows.” […]

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bath aids

Top 5 tips when considering the use bath aids

Bath aids are an important consideration for all those finding it difficult to get in/out of the bath or where doing so increases risk, particularly of falls.   Often people start considering devices to support bathing following a mechanical fall or when increased frailty raises concerns about being unable to get out of the bath. […]

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