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5 mobile apps for wheelchair users

In the fast paced world of technology, we’re all actively trying to get ahead, at least in terms of gadgets and gizmos.

Almost everyone in today’s society has some form of Smart Phone, and on said Smartphone, we have access to a magnitude of different apps to choose from – some which provide fun and entertainment, and others which have a much greater practical use and can serve for many purposes.

So you may be wondering what’s out there in terms of apps for disabled people? Surely there must be a niche there within the market and plenty of disability related apps which have been generated in order to help out disabled consumers? Well, you’d be right!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular apps that have a direct link to disability, and housed them all in this neat little article for you!

1-  Urban Spoon

Struggling to find a decent place to eat, or just stumped for ideas on what you fancy? Do you want to know if the restaurant where you’re headed to has disability access? Well look no further than Urban Spoon, a great little iPhone app which offers you information on all the great places to eat around you. Definitely worth checking out!

2-  Olympus Dictation

Now you may be wondering what a dictation app is doing in an article about apps for disabled people? Well, the answer couldn’t be simpler. If you’re a student, or somebody that has employment, and you need to make notes, why not use the Olympus Dictation app for iPhone?

CTA - Texto - Travel

Due to varying disabilities, some individuals may find it difficult/impossible to hold a traditional pen and write long hand and/or sit at a computer and type. Having a dictation app therefore is a great addition!

3-  Skype

This one might seem like an odd one to include, as most people these days have already use Skype, or at least have heard of it. But were you aware that there are some obvious additional benefits for disabled individuals using apps like Skype and even FaceTime?

If you find it difficult to travel long distances due to an illness or disability, or even if you find it hard to leave your own home for whatever reason – having access to Skype can be a real life line – offering disabled users the chances to connect with friends and loved ones that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see or hear from.

4-  Inclusive Britain

Although this app may obviously best serve people living within the UK, it may also be of use to other European nations if you’re planning to take a trip to either England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Inclusive Britain offers users the chance to find a whole host of different accessible activities, as well as accessible accommodation recommendations, restaurant suggestions and much more! And as the name suggests, you can be sure that all recommendations are fully inclusive and barrier free!

5-  Wheelmap

By using Wheelmap, iPhone users can add accessible locations (and not so accessible locations) to a virtual map upon which others users can follow their recommendations. This intuitive app helps the disabled community to connect with each other and share information about all the best accessible hot spots in any one given area. They do say that knowledge is power, so equip yourself with this valuable data!

Obviously, there’s a whole different bunch of apps out there, and by listing these five we’ve barely even scratched the surface. What are your favourite apps and how do they help you? Maybe you can compile your own list and let us know, or share it with the greater disabled community.

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