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Wheelchair Tennis: How Do You Play It?

wheelchair tennis

Wheelchair tennis is one of the most popular adaptive sports. Many people who have a  spinal cord injury decide to give it a try as one of their first wheelchair sports. The enjoyment of being outside and active is appealing, and the popularity of traditional tennis all contribute to people’s interest.

You may have a lot of questions before starting to play wheelchair tennis, but here are five of the most important considerations.


Wheelchair Tennis Basics

  1. Is wheelchair tennis for manual wheelchairs only? No! This is possibly the best part about wheelchair tennis. Not only can it be played in either a manual or power wheelchair, but it can also be played with non-wheelchair users. Any of your friends or family members can choose to play wheelchair tennis with you without having to adjust the rules.
  1. Are there different categories for playing? There are three categories in wheelchair tennis: Quads, Men, and Women. All of the categories offer doubles or singles tournaments.
  1. How can Quads hold a racquet? People with quadriplegia use tape to help secure the racquet to their hand. Modifications like this go along with the allowance of power chairs for people who need them.
  1. Is wheelchair tennis played on a special court? No. That’s one of the things that makes it so much like traditional tennis. No changes are made to regulation lines or the court size. Equipment, such as racquets and balls are also the same as what you would use in any tennis game.
  1. Are there any differences between wheelchair tennis and traditional tennis? There is one significant rule change for wheelchair tennis. The individual in the wheelchair can allow the ball to bounce twice, before having to hit it. The second bounce can even be outside the boundary lines.

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What Next?

If you are interested in learning more about what wheelchairs may be best to use for enjoying this sport, check out the Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair online. You can see what type of features and adjustability are available to help you play your best game.


This post is based on information found in the article, Wheelchair Tennis-Top 5 Questions, by Roll Rev.

Author: Annie Beth Donahue is a professional writer with a health and disability focus. You can find her at