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Nursing beds: what are they and what do they do?

Nursing beds, also known as profiling beds get their name due to the traditional nursing environment in which they are most prolifically used and the profiling frame that the mattress sits on. As the population is increasingly aging and the healthcare philosophy has changed to focus on supporting people with very complex needs to remain […]

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Nursing bed
wheelchair size

Understanding wheelchair sizes and how to ensure it’s right for you

Whether choosing fixed or customizable wheelchair sizes the fit of your wheelchair affects both comfort and propulsion biomechanics, so getting it right is very important, particularly as many of the core measurements are set once ordered.   Unfortunately, while measurement guidelines help to understand the basic principles, there is no reliable formula and pre-prescribed rules […]

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powered wheelchair options

Powered wheelchairs: what are your options?

What is a powered wheelchair? A powered wheelchair is essentially the same as a standard attendant propelled wheelchair with a motor.  Although motorised scooters can be an excellent option outdoors, for users who require motorised propulsion indoors as wells as out then the powered wheelchair is often a good solution.  This is why they tend […]

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Grant Application Tips Adaptive Sports Equipment

Grant Application Tips: Adaptive Sports Equipment

Many adaptive sports, such as wheelchair basketball, require special equipment. This equipment can be expensive, making it almost impossible for some people to afford. However, applying for adaptive sports grants can help supplement the cost of the equipment. Grant money is often awarded to a person by the funder for a very specific purpose. And […]

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