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8 Tips for Disabled People to Ace a Job Interview

Anyone looking for a job can find the situation tough. Yet for disabled people, the process can be tougher still even in ‘enlightened’ Europe, with inaccessible interview locations to employers with bad attitudes getting in the way. Well, here’s how to fight back. The below tips can increase the probability of getting a job offer, […]

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Disabled People Job Interview
A Day At Home Alone

Can You Spend A Day At Home Alone?

A day home, alone, may have been a treat before your spinal cord injury (SCI). It probably felt like a vacation from work or school. Now that you have a SCI, the prospect of staying home alone can feel challenging and scary. That’s to be expected the first few times until you get used to […]

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Wheelchair Friendly Camps

Top 5 Wheelchair Friendly Camps in Europe

It may be difficult to find a way to enjoy some of the same activities you did before you spinal cord injury. Camping can be especially tricky because camps are often in remote locations that do not have even the typical amenities you might find on holiday. However, there are camps in Europe that are […]

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Reclining wheelchair

Can a reclining wheelchair assist with postural management?

A reclining wheelchair is designed to meet the individual needs of the user, providing flexibility over sitting angle and positional change.  It does this by increasing the angle between backrest and seat, often in conjunction with other features including adjusting foot rests and accessories to reduce sheer such as sliding backrest that moves with the […]

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Frustrating Situations Wheelchair Users

Four Frustrating Situations Wheelchair Users Often Face

Wheelchair users soon find that there are common situations they all find themselves in that can be quite frustrating. Whether you are navigating physical barriers or social ones, you stop being surprised at certain things that happen. And while they are frustrating, you may find that later you and your other friends with disabilities can […]

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Wheelchair tyres

Wheelchair tyres, options and maintenance

As you would expect a wheelchair tyre is critical to the performance of the device but it can sometimes be difficult to know which one will suit you and your wheelchair best. There are 5 areas to consider when reviewing wheelchair tyre options: Measurements Type Maintenance Task Environment   Measurements Wheelchair tyre size is relatively […]

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5 World-Famous Artists That Had Disabilities

When we think about artists, we usually think about their skill, creativity, and vision. In our minds, famous artists are often put on a pedestal of genius, separating them from everyday people- especially ourselves. But did you know that while many famous artists had great skill, they also had disabilities to work around? Here’s a […]

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