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What a difference beach wheelchairs make: My experience

I’ve been a wheelchair user since the age of nine.  Before this, family beach holidays were a favourite of ours, but my new ‘on wheels’ situation didn’t go too well with sand or sea.  So, beach times were cut short and city breaks ensued.  Subconsciously, I then took a disliking to sunbathing, swimming in the […]

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beach wheelchairs
sport wheelchairs

Get active with sport wheelchairs

For everybody from elite athletes to regular people who enjoy taking part in a bit of physical activity, having the right equipment can make a huge difference. Whether it’s about gaining speed (for racing) or being as mobile as possible (in a sport like wheelchair basketball or tennis), for wheelchair users, there are specialist sport […]

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disabled shower seat

The disabled shower seat – why do we need them?

  For most people, the idea of having a shower is just a normal everyday formality. You get up, you wash yourself silly under a cascade of warm water and then you go about your daily business feeling fresh and smelling great. But what if showering wasn’t so straightforward? What if it was nigh on […]

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disability snowsport uk

Disability snowsport opportunities in the UK

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you love the idea of flying down the side of a snowy mountain at high speeds? Did you think that being disabled meant you would not be able to take part in skiing or snowboarding? If so, you’ll be glad to know that, thanks to a range of disability […]

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Disabled shower

Disabled shower: what are your options?

Many people take the idea of enjoying a refreshing shower for granted. However, for disabled people, bathrooms may not always be accessible. The ability to climb into a bathtub and stand for several minutes at a time is simply not possible for everybody, so thankfully there is a range of options for people looking for […]

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Grants for disabled

Grants for disabled people

The costs associated with being disabled can really add up. Accessible holidays might cost a bit more than regular ones, while equipment costs can be prohibitive. Some disabled people might need extra heating to stay well, others may need to spend money on carers and personal assistants, while others can find themselves stumping up the […]

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app disabled people

Smartphone Apps to Make Disabled People’s Lives Easier

Mobile phone and tablet technology is changing the world. People are more connected than ever and, thanks to ingenious apps and inventions, can expand their lives and participate in new activities and learn new skills. Another advantage of the mobile-connected world is the way it is helping us to navigate the world around us. Whether […]

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disability aids for cars

Disability Aids For Cars: Travel With Ease

Having the ability to get out and about can give a disabled person a lot of freedom, so having access to a car is a wonderful way to travel both near and far. Whether it’s a trip to the supermarket to save your arms the hard work of carrying your shopping too far, or a […]

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