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A Guide to Online Dating With a Disability

Having just presented ‘Meet the Devotees’ for BBC3, a documentary that explores the trials, tribulations, empowerment and exploitation that often occurs when dating with a disability, I’ve seen my fair share of fairytale endings and relationships that go up in smoke (and I’ve had them myself!).  The sex and relationships game is a tough one […]

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Disabled online dating
bathroom aids

How to brighten up your bathroom aids

For many of us who require bathroom aids and devices in order to stay at the top of our mobility game, let’s face it, they can hinder our style as much as they help make our lives easier. It’s not secret that mobility aids are known for being pretty bland, boring and sterile in terms […]

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Disability football

Disability football: what are the rules, and how to get involved

Are you a football fan? Keen to get involved in some exercise or activity? Have you considered disability football? If you’ve always loved cheering on your favourite team from the terraces, showing off your team’s colours on a scarf or t-shirt, but you also want to get more active, then maybe playing disability football is […]

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Wheelchair accessible taxi

Wheelchair accessible taxi: for work and weddings!

I’ve now been a wheelchair user for fifteen years and, as a travel writer and accessibility consultant, I’ve had my fair share of taxi journeys.  Some have been great, with drivers who have been extremely conscientious and interested to learn more and educate themselves on disability and the varying needs of those of us who […]

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Disabled holiday cottages

Disabled holiday cottages in the British countryside

Have you seen ‘The Holiday’ with Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Jude Law? Where a career-driven LA girl swaps her California villa with pool and automatic curtains with an ‘English Rose’ and her quaint but cold tiny cottage in the British countryside?  It’s not rare to think of Britain as somewhere with persistent […]

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a toilet roll holder and grabrail showing an accessible bathroom in disabled holiday accommodation

Top tips for creating suitable bathrooms in any disabled holiday accommodation

Having been a wheelchair user for the last fifteen years and having stayed in lots of disabled holiday accommodation, I have used my fair share of accessible – and not so accessible – bathrooms.  There have been ones with wonderful transfer-height toilets, clever automatic taps and flushes, and funky hand dryers.  There have also been […]

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Disabled holiday directory - Closeup view of empty wheelchair standing on tropical beach against ocean background

If I was to write a disabled holiday directory, it would look like this.

Accessible Accommodation in the UK: The Disabled Holiday Directory. Finding accommodation to suit your style, needs and budget can be tough for any holiday maker or business jet setter.  Multiply that difficulty several times if you are in need of accessible and inclusive accommodation through a disabled holiday directory that is going to make your […]

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Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the parent of modern disability rights law

In November 1995, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) was passed in the UK parliament. What many people do not realise is that, far from being a dry legislative act with little impact on real people, the Disability Discrimination Act was created and passed as a result of years of pressure and activism from disability rights campaigners. […]

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