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When You Need Help: Tips on How To Ask

Are you the kind of person who dislikes asking for help? Some people find it harder to do than others. But when you have a spinal cord injury (especially at first) you may need to ask for a lot of help. Some of the things you were able to do before your injury you may […]

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Medical Terms

Frequently Used Medical Terms You May Need To Know

If your spinal cord injury is relatively new, you may still be learning the meaning of unfamiliar medical terms that you’ve never heard before. To give you a head start on learning some of these words, here is a list of terms that are frequently used. Doctors and Therapists Neurosurgeon a specialist who does surgery […]

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Comfortable wheelchair

Why Is Having A Comfortable Wheelchair So Important?

Comfort sounds like a luxurious word. We think of comfort as something that is desirable, but optional. But when it comes to your wheelchair, comfort is more of a necessity. A comfortable wheelchair is one that you will enjoy using. It will encourage you to be more active, and it will keep your body positioned […]

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Rent a wheelchair

Rent A Wheelchair: When Is This A Good Option?

Is it ever a good option to rent a wheelchair? If you already have a reliable chair, you may think this is something you would never need to do. But there are several scenarios where renting a wheelchair makes a lot of sense, whether you do it out of necessity, or just for convenience. When […]

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Adaptive clothing

How Adaptive Clothing Changed Everything For Me

For a time that seemed like forever I was always wishing I could own a suit and wear it to some kind of formal event. Over the many years I’d longed for this I had attended dinners, weddings, awards evenings, and more – but I was always the guy who just wore a smart jumper […]

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How To Make Life Easier: A List Of Handy Items

Have you ever made a purchase and then wondered how you lived life without that item before? We have. There are certain things that come in handy when you are a wheelchair user. They are in the category of “must-haves” for most people with spinal cord injury. To keep you from guessing what those things […]

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