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Bathing aids for disabled people; The whys and wherefores of what can help when washing becomes a bit of a chore

When washing leads you to require bathing aids for disabled people, it can become a minefield. There can be so many items to choose from and which would be suitable for your needs is not always easy to discover from scanning a website or catalogue. Here’s a guide to the whys and wherefores of washing […]

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bathing aids for disabled people
wheelchair car hire

Best wheelchair car hire companies for a great getaway

Just like anyone else, those of us with disabilities enjoy both travel and independence, two things that can often prove rather tricky without the correct mode of transport.  Admittedly, wheelchair car hire companies can be difficult to find, and the disabled transport world isn’t always easy to navigate. Behold, the top three wheelchair car hire […]

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travel insurance for disabled

The importance of travel insurance for disabled people

If you have a disability, travelling is absolutely possible but often takes more time and effort to organise, plan and prepare for. Having travel insurance to cover your trip is important for anyone, although there are particular factors you need to consider if you have additional needs. Make sure you really look into travel insurance […]

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Disabled caravan holidays – A guide to taking adventure that little bit further if you have a disability.

The phrase ‘disabled caravan holidays’ doesn’t sound particularly viable, does it? Caravans and tents are known to be generally cramped spaces, and as such you might not think they’re suitable for disabled people. However, when I typed ‘disabled caravan holidays’ into Google, I was really quite impressed by the what I found. This included many […]

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indoor electric wheelcchair

An indoor electric wheelchair – Could it change your way of living?

It was over 20 years ago, when I was a University student, that I first came across a fellow student who used a power wheelchair. She was ever so elegant in an indoor electric wheelchair, manoeuvring efficiently through the university’s residence halls, libraries and lecture theatres. I thought to myself, “Whoa! I have got to have […]

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wheelchair wheels

Confused about wheelchair wheels? Here are some selection tips

An important thing you need to consider when configuring your wheelchair, whether manual or power, is what types of wheels will meet your needs. The type you choose depends on your primary use, be it indoor or outdoor, plus the terrain and the activity involved. Wheelchair wheels and tires have a significant impact on the wheelchair […]

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power wheelchair

Considering a power wheelchair? – What you need to know

People usually want the freedom to go wherever they choose and to perform various kinds of activities. This is also the case for people with chronic conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, etc. The difference is, either they can’t do it at all, or it is extremely difficult for them to participate in […]

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Wheelchair gloves

Wheelchair gloves: why it’s important to protect your hands

Being a powered wheelchair user myself, I had never considered the importance of using wheelchair gloves. Until I met a manual wheelchair user and had a brief discussion with him on the subject. He asked me: “Do you know what carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is?”. He kindly explained to me that apart from this serious […]

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stairlift cost

Getting a stairlift: cost, functionality, and things to consider

For people who become disabled and want to continue living in their own home, there is often a problem with the stairs. Unless you live in a bungalow or single-floor apartment, stairs are commonplace in many residential properties, and they can pose problems for disabled or elderly people. Rather than limiting your life to a […]

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