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4 Films to Watch on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The world over, today is the day to celebrate disabled people. From Stephen Hawking to Winston Churchill, disabled people have made great contributions to society, but many disabled people are prevented from doing so. The solution is to raise disabled people’s issues into everyone’s minds. Film is a great way of doing this, and 2016 […]

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disability cinema
How to charge and maintain a battery on a PWC

How to charge and maintain a battery on a power wheelchair

You have just bought a new power wheelchair and you’re very happy with your choice. Like any other power wheelchair user, you have several expectations regarding the driving range of your chair. to achieve high mobility, independence and freedom, security, safety and after all the ability to come home as expected. But these highly depend […]

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disabled hoist

How can a Disabled Hoist help you?

To put it simply, a disabled hoist is a piece of apparatus that is designed to aid a disabled person’s quality of life and to ensure that those providing care for a disabled individual can do so in both a safe and dignified manner. It’s quite clear that when somebody requires the assistance of a […]

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disabled shower cubicles

Disabled shower cubicles to enhance your home

Having a disabled shower cubicle installed can turn showering from a trial into a pleasure.  As well as being more comfortable to use, and offering safety for the disabled or elderly user, they can also make it quicker to take a shower, letting the user get on with their day. Over-bath showers are already a […]

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all terrain wheelchair

All terrain wheelchair – The countryside at your doorstep!

Are you an energetic lifestyle person with a mobility disability? Read on as this might interest you! Although, it’s possible to move from one place to another using a wheelchair, most of the wheelchairs don’t allow outings with friends and family, such as a walk in the forest or at the beach. Outdoor use for […]

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Ceiling hoists – Caring for people that care for you!

If you are a carer or if you know someone who is, you will be fully aware of the hard work involved in the caring process. The responsibility is huge, and you also have to deal with the fact that there is a large time investment. If the person being cared for is someone who […]

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hand cycles

Try a new sport: speed along with hand cycles

Keeping fit when you are disabled is not always easy. Getting a decent amount of exercise can take extra effort, and adaptations or special premises may be required for you to really get the opportunity to be sporty. If you are keen to get hold of some specialised exercise equipment or get involved in a […]

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Wheelchair accessible home

Why I love my wheelchair accessible home

In this day and age, finding somewhere that you love to rent or buy that’s also in your price range can be really tricky. Add a disability and a few additional requirements onto that and it can sometimes seem easier to find a needle in a haystack! As a wheelchair user myself with cerebral palsy, […]

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Disabled activities

Wheelchair ballroom dancing: disabled activities

Disability sport seems to be the ‘trendy’ thing to discuss at the moment.  After the Paralympics and an amazing 2016 Games in Rio, it’s tough not to want to put the biscuits down and go and jump in the pool with Ellie Simmonds, isn’t it?! But, however tempting that gold medal and podium position may […]

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Important things I’ve learnt about having a Disability

Having a disability can so often be seen as a negative thing.  Venues are more difficult to access, you’re often stared at by passers by, and planning to go on holiday can sometimes take all the fun out of the thought of relaxing by sand and sea.  But, disability is also a part of everyday […]

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