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Spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord Injury Coping Skills: Journaling

Having a spinal cord injury (SCI) can change your whole world. You may be going through a lot of new emotions and situations every day. Sometimes you need to process thoughts about the injury itself. Other times you may need to think about a stressful event that has occurred because you are now in a […]

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Mobility aids

Mobility Aids Give You Independence In The Bathroom

Choosing the right mobility aids for the bathroom is important in order to give you the most control possible. The bathroom is a place where we usually desire privacy. But many people with a SCI need help from a caregiver to bathe or use the bathroom. Even so, here are some things you can do […]

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Wheelchair harness

Wheelchair harnesses and occupational performance

A wheelchair harness is quite simply a postural aid which should be considered not in isolation but for use when effective support at the pelvis by other means, foot placement, trunk control and tilt do not in themselves resolve the postural issue. It is important when making a decision about a suitable wheelchair harness that […]

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wheelchair tennis

Wheelchair Tennis: How Do You Play It?

Wheelchair tennis is one of the most popular adaptive sports. Many people who have a  spinal cord injury decide to give it a try as one of their first wheelchair sports. The enjoyment of being outside and active is appealing, and the popularity of traditional tennis all contribute to people’s interest. You may have a […]

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What Is Wellness?: Going Beyond Physical Health

We should take the time, now and then, to renew our health priorities and goals. The words fitness and wellness may seem interchangeable. But they are not. Fitness is often defined as the “ability to cope with one’s environment”.  Wellness, on the other hand, has quite a few definitions. But wellness experts agree wellness is […]

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Wheelchair Fashion: What you need to know

I started this piece with the intention of giving fashion and style tips, and I quickly stopped myself.  First things first, I am no fashion guru.  Although I do quite well on the groovy glasses front, I only wish I followed more beauty trends and always made the effort to look my best… but, I […]

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Manual Wheelchair

How Smoothly Does Your Wheelchair Roll?: Three Ways To Improve It

Propelling your manual wheelchair takes a lot of strength and effort. Besides that, when the design of your chair is not optimized for you, it can cause you to overuse certain muscles and joints, which will lead to pain and difficulty later on. One thing every manual wheelchair user should be looking for in a […]

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Wheelchair fencing

Wheelchair Fencing: What Is It?

“Wheelchair Fencing? Is that even possible?” That may be your reaction when you first hear about this adaptive sport, but the answer is yes. You can learn all the skills of fencing right from your wheelchair.   What is Wheelchair Fencing? Wheelchair fencing is an adaptive sport that allows people to fence from their wheelchairs. […]

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Wheelie fit: Eating well and staying healthy as a wheelchair user

For those of us with disabilities, getting, and staying, fit and healthy can be extra difficult, especially when there is little information out there for exercises to do sitting down, or the best food to eat when your metabolism isn’t the quickest. There’s not too much out there for wheelchair users to find their own […]

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