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Manual Wheelchair

As a manual wheelchair user, you may feel you have a lot of things to consider when choosing and using your chair.

You may wonder, “What wheelchair style should I choose?” Or “How do I  maintain my wheelchair properly?”

Our manual wheelchair articles will educate you on things like:

  • Different styles of manual chair and their features
  • Accessories and additions that can make your chair easier to use
  • How to maintain your chair and its spare parts properly
  • Traveling with a manual chair

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • When choosing a children’s wheelchair, you want to consider versatility, adaptability, and personality.
  • If your trunk and balance allow, lean forward when you push, for extra power.
  • It’s important to keep spare wheelchair parts on hand, and to store them properly.
  • Wheelchair gloves can be used to prevent pain, blisters, and calluses on your hands.


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Küschall Champion

The Kuschall Champion: A Rigid, Foldable Wheelchair

Have you ever wished you could have the driving performance of a rigid wheelchair, but the portable convenience of a folding one? The Kuschall Champion is a leader in its class, pioneering the foldable, rigid wheelchair 31 years ago. Continued improvements have made it as popular today as it was at first launch. And this […]

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Actio 5 Image

Safety First!: Tips For Staying Safe In Your Manual Wheelchair

Whether you have been using your wheelchair for so long that you’re a pro, or you’re just getting started learning how to maneuver, you should keep in mind the safety recommendations for your wheelchair. No matter how comfortable you are in your chair, you should always make safety your priority. Staying safe and healthy ensures […]

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What Is Camber?:Why It Matters For Your Wheelchair

If you are a new wheelchair user, you may not have heard the word “camber” before. Or maybe you’ve heard it, but you still don’t know what it means. Is camber important? Is it something that should matter to you? Camber is the measurement of the angle of a set of wheels in relation to […]

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Self propelling folding wheelchair

Does your self-propelling wheelchair meet your individual needs?

A self-propelled folding wheelchair has two large back wheels for propulsion and is predominantly designed to allow the wheelchair user to manually and independently mobilise whilst remaining seated.  This is unlike an attendant propelled wheelchair which has smaller back wheels and is designed to be pushed by a carer/proxy. In determining whether your self-propelled folding […]

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Wheelchair Spares

Do You Know How To Manage Your Wheelchair Spares?

  Wheelchairs incorporate lots of different bits and pieces. Do you know which wheelchair spares you should have in the house, just in case? This article will look in detail at the wheelchair spares that are available, and how to manage them. Wheelchair Parts Need Replacing Have you ever found yourself with a deflated tyre […]

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heavy duty wheelchair

How do you know your heavy duty wheelchair is suitable for you?

Heavy duty wheelchairs are traditionally designed to accommodate the increased weight of a plus sized user based on weight.  However, increasingly it is not only weight that needs to be considered but body shape which dictates increased width of wheelchair. The needs of the plus-sized heavy duty wheelchair user require the design to include additional […]

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