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What Is Camber?:Why It Matters For Your Wheelchair

If you are a new wheelchair user, you may not have heard the word “camber” before. Or maybe you’ve heard it, but you still don’t know what it means.

Is camber important? Is it something that should matter to you?

Camber is the measurement of the angle of a set of wheels in relation to the surface of the ground. If a wheel is completely straight up and down, and it is completely perpendicular to the ground, then the camber angle measurement is zero. If the wheel angle in toward the vehicle (or wheelchair) at the top, it creates what is considered a negative measurement of camber. If the wheels were to angle away from the vehicle (or wheelchair), then that would create a positive camber measurement.

Wheelchair Camber

When talking about wheelchair camber, the term only applies to the rear wheels. Camber can improve lateral stability, which is why it is often seen in sports chairs. It can also improve other handling aspects of the chair.

Most wheelchairs do not come with the option to adjust the camber once it is made. You usually have to order the chair with the degree of camber that you want. During construction, camber is adjusted by inserting a bar that changes the angle of the wheels or adjusts the axle plate.

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Benefits Of Adding Camber

The more camber a wheelchair is given, the wider it becomes across the bottom. This added width provides more lateral stability. It also redirects force, which makes a softer, less bumpy ride. Greater camber also allows the wheelchair to make quicker turns.

There are also benefits for your body, too. Angling the wheels put the push rims in a better position for grasping and pushing. You also use a more natural body motion when pushing cambered wheels. The angle allows you to push down and out.

The plane of the wheelchair in a cambered chair is closer to your shoulders. This puts less strain on the shoulders when propelling the chair. And your fingers and hands are protected from bumps and scrapes when you maneuver through tight spaces with cambered wheels. Because they are wider, the bottoms of your wheels will always hit an obstacle first.

Another thing that some people may see as a benefit is that cambered wheels make a chair look sportier. If you are an athletic individual, that may be a look that you like.

Disadvantages Of Adding Camber

Cambered wheels do have some disadvantages. Cambered wheels are wider. This may make it more difficult to fit through doorways, down aisles, or to maneuver around furniture. When you are in a restaurant, especially, it can be difficult for chairs with cambered wheels to get around without bumping into other tables and guests.

Cambered chairs often cost more. Due to their sporty nature, a cambered chair may also have had other things done to it to improve durability or to make it lightweight. These improvements are positive, but they can incur extra expenses.

If the camber of the chair is excessive, then the top of the wheels may rub against the wheelchair side panels, or against the wheelchair user. That can cause anything from minor dirt stains on clothing to skin irritation.

Cambered tyres need special treads to avoid wearing down unevenly. Traditional tyre treads are centered in the middle of the tyre. When they are cambered, they wear down too quickly on the sides. To solve this problem, you will have to buy tires that have had the tread placed on the inside edge. These tyres are specially made for cambered wheels.

Now you know what camber is, you can decide if a cambered wheelchair fits your lifestyle!


Author:  Annie Beth Donahue is a professional writer with a health and disability focus. You can find her at


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