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Stress From The Inside Out

Looking at Stress From The Inside Out

How do you define stress? What comes to mind when you think of things that cause you stress? Job performance? Starting a new activity or trying something new?  Deadlines? According to health psychologist, Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., in her book “The Upside of Stress,” things that cause us to feel stress are things that are important […]

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Boost Your Self Esteem

The Top 3 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Self Esteem

After a traumatic injury or the development of a disability or health problem, some people struggle with self-esteem. You may look different, feel different, and have differing abilities from what you could do in the past. All of these things can affect how you feel about yourself, and who you are now. The good news […]

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Being Active Your Way: Exercise With Spinal Cord Injury

One small change, today. Positive health is associated with a capacity to enjoy life and to withstand challenges; it is not merely the absence of disease. (CDC)   What are some of the benefits of being physically active every day? Among the greatest benefits some individuals find is feeling stronger, more alive. Another is being […]

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