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Wheelchair accessible hotel

5 top tips on how to book a wheelchair accessible hotel!

When you’re travelling, there’s going to be a very high probability that you’ll need to book somewhere to stay – and if you’re a wheelchair user that’s travelling, you need to know that wherever you’re going is geared up to deal with your mobility needs. Countless times I’ve rocked up to a destination, booked a […]

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Access travel

Easy Access Travel: Flying With A Wheelchair

Before you travel in a plane, the best thing you can do is learn what the law says about the rights of people with disabilities who are traveling by air. You should also consider the rules and regulations of the specific airline you are using, as well general travel tips that may help make your […]

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disabled cruises

Isn’t it about time you thought about Disabled Cruises?

Isn’t it about time you thought about disabled cruises? In this day and age there’s often no better way to travel if you have a disability than with a cruise ship. These fully kitted hotels on water are almost always state-of-the-art and fully equipped to deal with any individual’s mobility needs. From accessible cabins to […]

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travel in wheelchair

8 Tips To Make Travel In A Wheelchair By Plane Easier

Travel in a wheelchair can be a stressful experience. Making your flight on time, maneuvering through the airport, and wrestling your luggage is hard for anyone. And when you also have an essential piece of medical equipment to keep up with, it can be particularly challenging. But like anything in life, most of your potential problems […]

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