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Wheelchair Friendly Camps

Top 5 Wheelchair Friendly Camps in Europe

It may be difficult to find a way to enjoy some of the same activities you did before you spinal cord injury. Camping can be especially tricky because camps are often in remote locations that do not have even the typical amenities you might find on holiday. However, there are camps in Europe that are […]

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Wheelchair activities for kids

Five Fabulous Wheelchair Activities For Kids

Changes in seasons bring along changes in weather, which means there are always new, fun wheelchair activities for kids. Spring allows for gardening and playing outside. Summer gives you beach activities and fun in the sun. Fall is enjoyable for everyone with baking or playing in leaves. Winter keeps us inside with board games and […]

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Wheelchair painting

Wheelchair Painting: What Is It?

When you first hear the term “wheelchair painting,” you most likely would imagine it to be just like traditional painting. You paint on  canvas, with an easel and paints, seated in your wheelchair. While many people do paint in this way, and it’s an enjoyable activity, wheelchair painting is something different. What Is Wheelchair Painting? […]

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Kids wheelchair

Checklist on purchasing a kids wheelchair

When it comes to buying anything for children or teenagers we all know that their perception of need can often be very different to our own.  This is no different in the purchase of a kids wheelchair.  There is likely to be a bigger focus on aesthetics and the roles or activities that the wheelchair […]

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