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Active wheelchair
Self propelling folding wheelchair

Does your self-propelling wheelchair meet your individual needs?

A self-propelled folding wheelchair has two large back wheels for propulsion and is predominantly designed to allow the wheelchair user to manually and independently mobilise whilst remaining seated.  This is unlike an attendant propelled wheelchair which has smaller back wheels and is designed to be pushed by a carer/proxy. In determining whether your self-propelled folding […]

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manual wheelchair

Maintaining your Manual Wheelchair for Optimal Performance!

Manual wheelchair performance is only as good as maintenance A smooth ride encourages efficient propulsion and decreases upper extremity repetitive strain injury.   Without wheelchair maintenance, an individual can feel as if they have lost function and/or need to move into a new piece of equipment when in fact some simple repairs improve the performance. In this […]

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self propelled wheelchair

Self propelled wheelchair: mobility in your own hands

Losing your independence is one of the biggest fears for many wheelchair users. The prospect of being reliant on others to do the simplest things, or to go anywhere is very restricting. Choosing a self propelled wheelchair (sometimes known as a manual chair) gives you the freedom to get where you need to be without […]

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