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Powered Mobility

As a power chair user, you may have questions about how to best maintain your chair.

You may ask, “How do I make my wheelchair battery last longer?” Or you may wonder “Will the size or type of my power chair change my ability to navigate my environment?”

We have a variety of articles for people who use powered mobility to answer questions like:

  • How to maintain and change your battery
  • The difference between three-wheeled scooters versus power wheelchairs
  • Which power chairs are better for all-terrain and which are more suited for indoors
  • How to maximize the life and performance of your chair

You will find out tips such as:

  • It is really important to charge your battery for at least 18 hours before the first use. After that, 12-hour charging cycles are recommended where possible.
  • Where possible, avoid draining your battery by more than 80%.
  • Three wheeled mobility scooters are designed for greater maneuverability and they have a smaller turning circle than the 4 wheeled models.
  • Bariatric wheelchairs are designed specifically to accommodate the increased size of a user, and provide a comfortable experience for them.

Our YouTube Channel also provides great videos about the features of different chairs, as well as how to maintain them.

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