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Having to use a wheelchair may have changed your life, but it certainly didn’t end it.

As a wheelchair user, there are plenty of things you can continue to do and enjoy. But you may wonder, “Am I ready to spend a day home alone?” Or “What are some fun activities I can do in a wheelchair?” Or even, “Now that I’m in a wheelchair, what clothes should I wear?”

This series of articles gives great tips and everyday advice on lifestyle issues such as:

  • Fun activities to do from your wheelchair with your family and friends
  • How to grocery shop or perform other activities of daily living from your chair
  • Choosing clothing and accessories that are suitable for life in a wheelchair
  • Developing your relationships with your spouse, children, friends, or dating partner

You will also get tips such as:

  • To minimize spills and keep your hands free, you can buy cup holders that attach to you caster wheels.
  • To determine if you are ready to spend a day home alone, do a test run while someone is still in the house.
  • When you go to the grocery store, choose a time when it will be less crowded.
  • Wheelchair users should typically avoid long clothing items, such as scarves, that can get caught in your wheels.

And if you are looking for events to attend, check out the Invacare “events” page on our main site!

accessible bank

Choosing An Accessible Bank: Top Three Areas To Consider

Do you have an accessible bank? There are so many considerations to make after having a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may not have even thought about your banking situation yet. Maybe you haven’t even made a trip to the bank since coming home. You may not even know what challenges you may face there. […]

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Caregivers: What To Expect When Your Loved One Is Coping With An SCI

After sustaining a spinal cord injury, your loved one will go through a lot of different emotions. This kind of injury is life changing, and it can be even more difficult to navigate if the circumstances were also traumatic. Everyone processes their emotions and experiences differently, but typically they all go through multiple stages as […]

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When You Need Help: Tips on How To Ask

Are you the kind of person who dislikes asking for help? Some people find it harder to do than others. But when you have a spinal cord injury (especially at first) you may need to ask for a lot of help. Some of the things you were able to do before your injury you may […]

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Comfortable wheelchair

Why Is Having A Comfortable Wheelchair So Important?

Comfort sounds like a luxurious word. We think of comfort as something that is desirable, but optional. But when it comes to your wheelchair, comfort is more of a necessity. A comfortable wheelchair is one that you will enjoy using. It will encourage you to be more active, and it will keep your body positioned […]

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Rent a wheelchair

Rent A Wheelchair: When Is This A Good Option?

Is it ever a good option to rent a wheelchair? If you already have a reliable chair, you may think this is something you would never need to do. But there are several scenarios where renting a wheelchair makes a lot of sense, whether you do it out of necessity, or just for convenience. When […]

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How To Make Life Easier: A List Of Handy Items

Have you ever made a purchase and then wondered how you lived life without that item before? We have. There are certain things that come in handy when you are a wheelchair user. They are in the category of “must-haves” for most people with spinal cord injury. To keep you from guessing what those things […]

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A Day At Home Alone

Can You Spend A Day At Home Alone?

A day home, alone, may have been a treat before your spinal cord injury (SCI). It probably felt like a vacation from work or school. Now that you have a SCI, the prospect of staying home alone can feel challenging and scary. That’s to be expected the first few times until you get used to […]

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Wheelchair Friendly Camps

Top 5 Wheelchair Friendly Camps in Europe

It may be difficult to find a way to enjoy some of the same activities you did before you spinal cord injury. Camping can be especially tricky because camps are often in remote locations that do not have even the typical amenities you might find on holiday. However, there are camps in Europe that are […]

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