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Wheelchair Friendly Camps

Top 5 Wheelchair Friendly Camps in Europe

It may be difficult to find a way to enjoy some of the same activities you did before you spinal cord injury. Camping can be especially tricky because camps are often in remote locations that do not have even the typical amenities you might find on holiday. However, there are camps in Europe that are […]

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Frustrating Situations Wheelchair Users

Four Frustrating Situations Wheelchair Users Often Face

Wheelchair users soon find that there are common situations they all find themselves in that can be quite frustrating. Whether you are navigating physical barriers or social ones, you stop being surprised at certain things that happen. And while they are frustrating, you may find that later you and your other friends with disabilities can […]

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5 World-Famous Artists That Had Disabilities

When we think about artists, we usually think about their skill, creativity, and vision. In our minds, famous artists are often put on a pedestal of genius, separating them from everyday people- especially ourselves. But did you know that while many famous artists had great skill, they also had disabilities to work around? Here’s a […]

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Grocery Shopping In A Wheelchair

Five Essential Tips For Grocery Shopping In A Wheelchair

If you have a new spinal cord injury, one of the things you will have to re-learn how to do is how to grocery shop. Grocery shopping from a wheelchair will present challenges that you didn’t have to consider before. But if you plan ahead, the trip will be more enjoyable. So here are five […]

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wheelchair shopping bag

How to choose a wheelchair shopping bag

  Buying a specialist wheelchair shopping bag to use when you’re out and about will make your life a lot easier. This article will look at the different options available in terms of style and practicality. Having a wheelchair shopping bag that is both attractive and useful, will help you to move around with ease […]

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Wheelchair activities for kids

Five Fabulous Wheelchair Activities For Kids

Changes in seasons bring along changes in weather, which means there are always new, fun wheelchair activities for kids. Spring allows for gardening and playing outside. Summer gives you beach activities and fun in the sun. Fall is enjoyable for everyone with baking or playing in leaves. Winter keeps us inside with board games and […]

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Wheelchair painting

Wheelchair Painting: What Is It?

When you first hear the term “wheelchair painting,” you most likely would imagine it to be just like traditional painting. You paint on  canvas, with an easel and paints, seated in your wheelchair. While many people do paint in this way, and it’s an enjoyable activity, wheelchair painting is something different. What Is Wheelchair Painting? […]

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Parenting on wheels

Parenting on Wheels: Tips on How to Make it Easier

Parenting on wheels is like parenting in general- it will be one of the most challenging things you ever do. Whether you have been in a wheelchair for a while, and are considering having children or if you are already a parent, but have had a recent spinal cord injury, you may be wondering how […]

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fashion tips for wheelchair users

5 Fabulous Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

Fashion tips for wheelchair users are not based on the latest trends, but rather what clothes are going to be comfortable and conducive to pushing your chair. Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right combination of what looks good and what works for your lifestyle. These five fabulous tips will give you a […]

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