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Reclining wheelchair

Can a reclining wheelchair assist with postural management?

A reclining wheelchair is designed to meet the individual needs of the user, providing flexibility over sitting angle and positional change.  It does this by increasing the angle between backrest and seat, often in conjunction with other features including adjusting foot rests and accessories to reduce sheer such as sliding backrest that moves with the […]

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Wheelchair tyres

Wheelchair tyres, options and maintenance

As you would expect a wheelchair tyre is critical to the performance of the device but it can sometimes be difficult to know which one will suit you and your wheelchair best. There are 5 areas to consider when reviewing wheelchair tyre options: Measurements Type Maintenance Task Environment   Measurements Wheelchair tyre size is relatively […]

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Stress From The Inside Out

Looking at Stress From The Inside Out

How do you define stress? What comes to mind when you think of things that cause you stress? Job performance? Starting a new activity or trying something new?  Deadlines? According to health psychologist, Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., in her book “The Upside of Stress,” things that cause us to feel stress are things that are important […]

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Boost Your Self Esteem

The Top 3 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Self Esteem

After a traumatic injury or the development of a disability or health problem, some people struggle with self-esteem. You may look different, feel different, and have differing abilities from what you could do in the past. All of these things can affect how you feel about yourself, and who you are now. The good news […]

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Wheelchair Spares

Do You Know How To Manage Your Wheelchair Spares?

  Wheelchairs incorporate lots of different bits and pieces. Do you know which wheelchair spares you should have in the house, just in case? This article will look in detail at the wheelchair spares that are available, and how to manage them. Wheelchair Parts Need Replacing Have you ever found yourself with a deflated tyre […]

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back pain

Spinal trouble? It’s a right pain in the back!

Back pain is a serious thing and it can strike you at any time. Sitting in a wheelchair doesn’t make you immune from such troubles with your spine, in fact, it can often impact problems and make things worse. Everyone understands the importance of stretching, so without having the opportunity to do so, you’re sure […]

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Heavy duty Wheelchair

How do you know your heavy duty wheelchair is suitable for you?

Heavy duty wheelchairs are traditionally designed to accommodate the increased weight of a plus sized user based on weight.  However, increasingly it is not only weight that needs to be considered but body shape which dictates increased width of wheelchair. The needs of the plus-sized heavy duty wheelchair user require the design to include additional […]

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