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If you are a wheelchair user, there are a lot of things to consider regarding your health.

Not only has your physical health changed, but likely your mental health has, as well. You may wonder, “How do I choose the wheelchair that is best for me?” You may also be concerned about things like, “How do I prevent pressure ulcers?” Or you may wonder, “Which cushions and backrests give me the best support?”

Read these articles for great information on staying healthy in a wheelchair with topics like:

  • Staying active, exercising, and reducing stress
  • Avoiding complications such as back problems and pressure ulcers
  • Making sure your wheelchair fit is optimal
  • Knowing what questions to ask at your doctor’s appointments

You will find out tips like:

  • One of the best ways to choose a wheelchair is to to try it “in motion.”
  • Wheelchair rain covers can help keep both you and your chair protected from the rain.
  • You can get wheelchair backs that are tension adjustable, to help maintain the right amount of support.
  • There are five areas to consider when choosing a wheelchair tyre: Measurements, Type, Maintenance, Task, Environment.

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