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Do you use a wheelchair, but aren’t quite sure what your rights are regarding jobs, education, and accommodations?

It’s important to know what is legally required or available. You may wonder, “How do I find a job I can do in a wheelchair?” Or “What are some interview tips for someone in a wheelchair?”

Reading these articles will give you a good overview of:

  • Your rights as a person with a disability.
  • Disability accommodations in your country
  • Information on the Disability Living Allowance
  • Jobs and careers that are best suited for wheelchair users

You will also learn specific tips, such as:

  • You’re not required to answer anything about your disability that makes you feel uncomfortable, but answering appropriate questions may help a potential employer make reasonable adjustments.
  • Before going to a job interview, check out the accessibility of the building or work environment.
  • There are many work-at-home jobs that provide extra flexibility if you need it.
  • With the right supports, almost any office job can be done by a person in a wheelchair.

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Disability and Employment: How to “Boss” an Interview

If you have a disability yourself and are looking to find tips to “boss” an interview, this article may just be for you. Finding work can feel stressful for job seekers with disabilities, who often encounter prejudice during their search. Preparation is the key to convincing employers that a disability doesn’t affect performance. This dynamic […]

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Disabled People Job Interview

8 Tips for Disabled People to Ace a Job Interview

Anyone looking for a job can find the situation tough. Yet for disabled people, the process can be tougher still even in ‘enlightened’ Europe, with inaccessible interview locations to employers with bad attitudes getting in the way. Well, here’s how to fight back. The below tips can increase the probability of getting a job offer, […]

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Disabled Accomodation

What to Look For in Disabled Accommodation

Imagine a world where housing was perfectly designed for disabled people. If that happened, we wouldn’t be disabled people, but enabled to live close to work, and go on holiday wherever we chose. We could even visit friends at the drop of a hat. So, whether you’re newly disabled or you have a view on […]

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disability discrimination act

A New Disability Discrimination Act for Today

Governments have tried to help disabled people. Yet often across Europe, laws are not binding, and don’t go far enough. Despite the European Convention on Human Rights and disability legislation across the Continent, discrimination still exists. As with most issues, progress will likely come about step by step as we build on what’s gone before. […]

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Three things everyone should know about wheelchairs

With the Paralympics having come to an end, many of us have seen and experienced amazing sporting feats over the last few weeks, and to some extent, disability has hopefully been ‘normalised’ for lots of us.  There is still a ‘fear factor’ and a taboo that seems to surround disability, though, and this is both […]

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Grants for disabled

Grants for disabled people

The costs associated with being disabled can really add up. Accessible holidays might cost a bit more than regular ones, while equipment costs can be prohibitive. Some disabled people might need extra heating to stay well, others may need to spend money on carers and personal assistants, while others can find themselves stumping up the […]

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disabled facilities grants

Disabled facilities grants: what they are and how to get one

For disabled people, adapting a home can be an ongoing challenge. Some people become more disabled with age, needing more adaptations as time goes on, while others find themselves unable to afford all the improvements they need in one go, so they hire builders or equipment a bit at a time in order to gradually […]

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Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the parent of modern disability rights law

In November 1995, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) was passed in the UK parliament. What many people do not realise is that, far from being a dry legislative act with little impact on real people, the Disability Discrimination Act was created and passed as a result of years of pressure and activism from disability rights campaigners. […]

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Wheelchair insurance

How to get wheelchair insurance

Wheelchairs can be a big investment, so protecting them with wheelchair insurance makes sense. After all, if the worst happened and your wheelchair was broken or damaged, would you be able to replace it? Or what if you left it outside your home or outside a shop and it was stolen? How would you cope? This […]

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