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Adapted Sports
wheelchair softball

What is Wheelchair Softball?: Some Things You Should Know

What is wheelchair softball? If you are a fan of the traditional sport, you may have a hard time imagining how playing softball can be possible for wheelchair users. How can players roll on the grass? How can they push their chairs if they are wearing ball gloves? It may seem that a sport such […]

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Wheelchair racing

What You Need To Know About Wheelchair Racing

If you are familiar with handcycling, you may think wheelchair racing is the same thing. However, they are very different. It’s important to know exactly what wheelchair racing is so that you can choose which type of sport might be best for you. To help you choose if wheelchair racing is the right sport for […]

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wheelchair archery

What is Wheelchair Archery?

Wheelchair Archery is a track and field sport that requires very little, if any, adaptation to play after your spinal cord injury. Many athletes can play without any adaptive equipment at all. And although it’s considered a spring sport, there are indoor ranges to use that can make archery an activity you can enjoy year-round. […]

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Disability skiing

The joys and dangers of Disability Skiing

There are many different sports that disabled people can get involved with, but none are perhaps as extreme as Disability Skiing. Hurtling at breakneck speeds mountain sides covered with a blanket of snow, whilst you’re strapped into a singular seat that’s perched on a ski blade – and with only two further blades in each […]

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Wheelchair Football

Before Joining A Wheelchair Football Team, Ask These Three Questions

Wheelchair football is one of the most popular disability sports. Children grow up watching traditional football and cheering for their favorite team. Many people, both kids and adults, play traditional football on a team or in their yard. Naturally, this would make wheelchair football one of the first adaptive sports you might choose. But before […]

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Adaptive skiing

Adaptive Skiing: Have You Tried This Popular Winter Sport?

Did you spend your winter inside by the fireplace, or did you try out some new activities, such as adaptive skiing? Adaptive skiing is one of the most popular adaptive winter sports. Snow and ice may make it harder to get around in your wheelchair, which means many wheelchair users stay inside more during the […]

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hospital stay

Top 5 Things To Take For A Hospital Stay

What should you take for a hospital stay? It is hard to know what you will need to bring, and what the hospital will provide for you. Although the hospital will certainly meet all your basic needs, there are a few items you may want to bring from home. Having items from home can make […]

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Wheelchair Marathon

Have you ever considered participating in a Wheelchair Marathon?

Have you ever considered participating in a Wheelchair Marathon? Wheelchair marathon is a style of wheelchair racing which usually takes place on open roads and runs in conjunction with some of the major marathons that take place over the world throughout the year, i.e. the London marathon. I’ve personally participated in a couple of marathons, […]

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Handcycling Basics: Is Handcycling Right For You?

Handcycling is a healthy activity for people who use wheelchairs. It provides exercise and keeps you active. Handcycles come in several different styles, so people with varying levels of ability should still be able to find a handcycle that fits their lives. Before choosing a handcycle, it’s best to consult your therapist or doctor about […]

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