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Learn about solutions for your home, best products and ways of adapting your house to use with a wheelchair.

Wheelchair harness

Wheelchair harnesses and occupational performance

A wheelchair harness is quite simply a postural aid which should be considered not in isolation but for use when effective support at the pelvis by other means, foot placement, trunk control and tilt do not in themselves resolve the postural issue. It is important when making a decision about a suitable wheelchair harness that […]

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mobility shower chair

Mobility shower chair: both for convenience and independence

The majority of wheelchair users pay great attention when selecting a wheelchair to fit their needs, but what about their bathing and toileting needs? This article examines the mobility shower chair, and considers why choosing this type of equipment should be just as important as selecting a wheelchair.

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disabled shower cubicles

Disabled shower cubicles to enhance your home

Having a disabled shower cubicle installed can turn showering from a trial into a pleasure.  As well as being more comfortable to use, and offering safety for the disabled or elderly user, they can also make it quicker to take a shower, letting the user get on with their day. Over-bath showers are already a […]

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Wheelchair accessible home

Why I love my wheelchair accessible home

In this day and age, finding somewhere that you love to rent or buy that’s also in your price range can be really tricky. Add a disability and a few additional requirements onto that and it can sometimes seem easier to find a needle in a haystack! As a wheelchair user myself with cerebral palsy, […]

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armchair exercise bike.

The disabled shower seat – why do we need them?

For most people, the idea of having a shower is just a normal everyday formality. You get up, you wash yourself silly under a cascade of warm water and then you go about your daily business feeling fresh and smelling great. But what if showering wasn’t so straightforward? What if it was nigh on impossible […]

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Female hand pressing elevator up button

What are platform lifts and why are they useful?

Many of us require stairlifts and elevators, instead of stairs and escalators, to get around.  There are three main types of equipment that help those with disabilities, parents with pushchairs and the elderly: elevators, stairlifts and platform lifts. We seem to know a lot about the former two options; elevators are sleek, reliable and high […]

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Disabled shower

Disabled shower: what are your options?

Many people take the idea of enjoying a refreshing shower for granted. However, for disabled people, bathrooms may not always be accessible. The ability to climb into a bathtub and stand for several minutes at a time is simply not possible for everybody, so thankfully there is a range of options for people looking for […]

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platform lift solutions

Platform lift solutions and their alternatives

Many people live in multi-storey homes and take for granted that they will always be able to use the stairs. But an illness, an injury or an accident, or simply old age can cause these people to find that climbing the stairs has become difficult, if not entirely impossible. In these cases, platform lift solutions […]

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Bathing aids for disabled people

Hygiene and health: bathing aids and adaptations

You can’t beat a long soak in a hot bath. It can boost your mood, relax your muscles and help you to sleep well. But, for many disabled people, taking a bath can be a complex task, and many write it off as impossible. Fortunately, there are bathing aids available on the market that can […]

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